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Character…the essential soft skills employers are looking for in the workforce.

e2-education-emPowers_RCharacter education is all about raising the awareness of and strengthening core ethical values and moral character traits that positively impact individuals and communities. Learning key terms and practicing positive character traits in real life allows youth and adults, alike, the opportunity to grow and thrive in their relationships with others at home, school, work and the community.

character education emPowers® is a program of the (e2) education emPowers® initiative, a region wide effort of Heartland Foundation and its Healthy Communities Regional Investor Partners convening business, education, government, healthcare, and other citizens who aspire to build collaborative and innovative strategies to advance educational attainment and lifelong learning.

Feel free to download and post any of the following 8.5″ x 11″ posters or brochures. The three different versions of posters – Mosaic, Photo, and Cartoon – were created by local students and interns. Click here to learn more about their stories. You can feed the posters through your printer a second time to add your own logo and/or message to the bottom-left of the poster!

Download our brochure here

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Thank you for helping to spread the message that character education emPowers!

Character Traits-of-the-Month

Mosaic Posters




Photo Posters


ToleranceHonestyPrintPerseverance_AprilPatienceConfidenceIntegrityResponsibilityPrintSelf ControlCitizenshipCompassion


Cartoon Posters

Flyer_CALENDAR_12 Traits_2014-15

Poster_JANUARY_Tolerance for WebPoster_FEBRUARY_Honesty for WebPoster_MARCH_Cooperation for WebPoster_APRIL_Perseverance for WebPoster_MAY_Patience for WebPoster_JUNE_Confidence for WebPoster_JULY_Integrity for WebPoster_AUGUST_Responsibility for WebPoster_SEPTEMBER_Respect for WebPoster_OCTOBER_Self Control for WebPoster_NOVEMBER_Citizenship for WebPoster_DECEMBER_Compassion for Web