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Project Fit America

HF Project Fit PBandJEncouraging active living and healthy lifestyles one student at a time

Heartland Foundation and Project Fit America have partnered since 1990 to combat childhood obesity and physical inactivity. This unique program supplies state-of-the-art field-tested total fitness equipment, a healthy lifestyles curriculum, and training for a cardiovascular health program in area schools.

We feel investments made in helping our youth learn how to make healthier choices as early as possible leads to healthier minds, hearts, and bodies for life. Key findings of increased physical activity for children backed by research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and many other organizations translate into:

  • Higher test scores and better grades
  • Better school attendance
  • Improved attitudes
  • Reduced risk of life-threatening diseases

Overhead barsTesting results of students participating in Project Fit indicate increased strength and endurance, less aggression in class and reduced absenteeism rates. The program also gives communities an after school recreational resource appropriate for families to be engaged in fitness activities together.

Each school’s investment of $3,300 to implement Project Fit is matched with a contribution of $14,500, thanks to charitable donations made to and through Heartland Foundation. There are now 57 schools and 14,000+ students in our region of over 30 counties experiencing the benefits from Project Fit’s action-focused program. As the program’s first rural regional partner, Heartland Foundation continues to raise the funds necessary to sponsor new Project Fit sites within America’s heartland region each year.

If your community is interested in the program, please visit the Project Fit America website at projectfitamerica.org to register. By sharing the story of why your students need the resources of Project Fit equipment, curriculum, and on-going training, you will bring your community to our attention as a potential new school site for consideration. Project Fit assesses community need and commitment to being “Fitness Forward” and supports each school’s unique plan academically, while Heartland Foundation supports the plan economically and through annual training and orientation opportunities.