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Community Transformation Forums

Possibility thinking leads to transformational action for communities

Heartland Foundation takes a leading role in pioneering new and innovative approaches to empower citizens to examine the health and well-being of their communities. Community Transformation Forums are an innovative approach to building community consensus in determining key issues and opportunities for action, supporting continuous improvement, and nurturing involvement in the development of more thriving communities that are attractive to residents of all ages.

Community Transformation Forums bring diverse groups to the table to engage in critical conversations with emphasis on the following outcomes:

  • To encourage possibility thinking
  • To broaden the understanding of healthy and thriving communities
  • To examine community assets, issues and define priorities
  • To develop transformational leaders
  • To stimulate actions for diverse teams from different sectors to work together
  • To heighten the commitment of creating educated and empowered communities
  • To stimulate teams to break traditional barriers and initiate new, innovative efforts
  • To develop a strategic action plan to achieve measurable improvements

The lasting outcome for communities invested in the Community Transformation Forum process is a self-perpetuating model for community transformation that is tailor-made and builds upon the expertise and diverse perspectives of all stakeholders.